Crazy Us!

Well my folks comment, “How do you manage such a hectic schedule of IIITD along with this?” and my answer to them is “It’s fun! :D” Taking tuitions alongside was never easy! And you have so called motivators around you always ready to point finger at you! But nothing can be more exciting than teaching kids and if they happen to lie in your age group, well then it’s cherry on top of the ice cream! Initially I wasn’t sure of my decision, though I loved teaching! Thousands of thoughts came to my mind – ‘will I be able to tackle these kids?’, ‘what is going to be their reaction?’, ‘will I be able to manage my studies with these?’, ‘what if they show up bad results!’ and what not! But my journey wasn’t that tough! My parents specially my mother was very supportive of me and not to forget my Reena Aunty.Totally girl dominated, I started with two of my students – Shruti & Sandhya!
Shruti is really good as far as academics are concerned! Totally devoted,  down to earth personality she is! I was never troubled by her, give her ten or hundred questions, she will never complain! But you can hear her almost daily cursing her MVN and Ajit sir. Sandhya,on other hand,is little weak though but hard working! Then came my ‘teen anmol ratan’ – Lohit, Urvashi & Toshika! A total loudspeaker, noone can beat Urvashi when it comes to laughing that too at high scale! Drop a pencil and she would burst laughing and that is contagious! Outstanding mind resides in her! “Padhai mei lean hona” is her favourite quote when it comes to T :p! Toshika (God this autotext always shows Toshiba XD) , her love for hawan and her continuous nodding of head (even when she is not getting even a single word). Next the founder of ‘Hum sath sath hai’ – Lohit Dina Naath Dutta, always bullied by me the most. His love for cricket has landed him into lot of troubles! If you need bio or character certificate of any person of our colony, he is the one person you should walk to! But very dear to me, he is amazing and always ready when it comes to helping someone!Arsh – the most innocent boy of my tuition. Give him any political topic and he can heat up the environment with his knowledge, his fights with Toshiba. Not to forget his great handwriting (sarcasm) which only highly skilful people like me can understand! Make sure you have a ladder with you in order to reach him, his height God! Do you people love pogo? No never mind we have latest version Yogo urff Yogesh. Glued to his phone, he is always there to provide us update on any app existing in plays tore. Be it Merit Nation to mosquito app, playing piano to organising his schedule,  his mobile is one stop junction. A true enemy of pen,  he keeps creating new designs thanks to the inspiration he got from his pet : the great white mice and his ‘impotant’. Give him any project or model and he will do wonders to them! Then came Diksha my rickshaw 😀 A very sweet, kind, decent girl always seen rushing from one tuition to another. Her patience is a perfect example for us and her positive attitude can motivate any person. And with Diksha came Sonal or my ‘sonalia’, hardcore non veg lover like me, sincere and dedicated towards maths and always cursing physics! Treat her like a game and she will show you how it is played! Never easy to handle, but sweet and fun loving! Next came Dhwani- the only girl who took nearly 6 months to laugh with us normally! She is one person who almost used to scare me out of my wits with her weird assumptions!! Mostly reserved & literally lost in her own world, her best expression comes when I crack any PJ! Because her patent reply would be ‘mjhe samajh nahi aya, mjhe samjhao -___-‘ ! Not to forget her beautiful hair, yes yes she may soon bag a title in Limca book of world record for having ‘beautiful and looooong hair’ i mean literally long!


We together did almost every crazy stuff- eating momos in the most absurd manner :p & eating the vegetarian’s share as well *wicked us*, teasing the ghas phus category people ; celebrating birthdays- smearing cake all over, Loho’s dance, Sonal ‘s nagin dance, Yogo s piano; the early morning tests, wow , each one of them scared like hell as what will the question paper contain, the ‘diwali dhamaka’, the awesome comments I gave while returning them their sheets, Shruti ‘s record for not getting full marks -_- , Sonal’s common dialoge- ‘mummy ko nahi batana didi’, Lohit’s double differentiation, copy exchange initiating fight between Shruti & Yogo, the excel sheet compilation consisting their ‘growth graph’, the PTMs, the bonus question, cribbing over marks, the time they took to get a hold on integration and probability, Lohit’s ICSE, my harsh lectures, the rude comments, the way they exploited every single method to peep into others sheet and yes how they used to start working quietly when  i came from college and tests were due!!!


But the night before the board exam was epic! Revising every single chapter took us approximately 6 hrs starting from 7 in the evening till 1 in the morning! Their stress was quite visible on their face, the hype created thanks to some stupid people who managed to leak the paper or I say spread this rumour! We did every single paper we got from every single source but we knew it’s do or die situation! I was far more nervous and tensed than they were believe me & back then I understood what all my parents went through when I was giving my board exams. But my little heros and heroines passed with flying colours. Their happiness was my main concern and satisfaction.
I wish them luck and success wherever they go and yes I’m always here for them no matter what! :)) I guess we together best define being ‘Insane’.



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