Life at IIITD!! Well wait, why my posts always start with IIITD ? Probably because it is my lifeline; hostels being one major part of it. I’m happy because the authorities here are reasonable. They allow the day scholars to stay in hostel during the mid/end semester weeks. Thank God they do, otherwise it is actually tough to survive here believe me. And my sweet heart Nehal :* is always there to save me from the hassles of finding a room to stay in. And many a times she pops up with the idea of me taking a hostel as well. Frankly speaking, I hate hostels and I know others do as well but I have an alternative so I don’t plan to take any. And on top of it, I have tuitions which I cannot leave so yes hostel is not in my list as of now.
But hostels are fun at times, specially during examination week. Mind it or not, you get to see the best during this time. Late night study, short naps turning long, late night tea, hot maggie, cursing the professors & sometimes subject, late night dark secrets – a whole new lot every time! Not to forget the birthday celebrations, late night horror movie and the list is endless. And since you are in college, you end up studying a night before exam, or at least I do; not every time but mostly & so work the entire night. And next day rush to examination centre in night pyjamas – it’s okay not to be decked up every time. The best & at times the worst thing of staying up in hostel is when you have to teach people. Believe me, it’s no fun repeating the lesson ‘again’ & ‘again’, because it’s like the news of you teaching a particular topic just spreads like a fire and people keep dropping in, begging to repeat the lesson ‘again’ until you are thoroughly tired to study for yourself.
So yes hostels can be fun – I strongly advise every student to have a hostel life. It’s amazing, it’s fun.
P.S: I’m not taking any albeit.

Blurred, but not the memories
Blurred, but not the memories

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