Hindi? Shit, low standard!

Last month I went on a family trip to Amritsar. When I boarded my train, I found that my coach was filled with school kids. Yay, I love kids. They too were on a school trip, with all their mini bags packed. It was fun listening to their jokes. We reached Amritsar & parted our ways. After checking in a hotel, our 1st stop was Wagah Border. I don’t know why people call it Wagah, it should be Attari Border but anyway, it hardly matters. And for those of you who have not been there, well the security checks done are time consuming so make sure you have ample time. And so while waiting I found those school kids there as well. We were excited, waved hands. They showed me their DSLRs (wow, I mean kids of 6th & 7th standard carrying “THE DSLRs”). And then one of the kids happened to talk to me in hindi. The very next moment, we found him rebuked by his teacher – “Talk in English, Sambhav. Do you want people to think of you as low class?” This one single line left me dumbstruck. Well okay, even now at this moment I’m writing this post in English, doesn’t really mean I do not respect my national language. I fail to understand the fact that I speak Hindi means probably I belong to one of those government schools, or probably do not come at par with those so called “Modern” lot. And this is clearly not the only instance happening, there are many others. I see parents encouraging their kids to speak English, which is totally fine since we all know it’s importance, but then why are we disrespecting our mother tongue? I don’t really think you can talk to the sabzi walas (vegetable vendors) and the bais (maids) coming to your home in English, or can you? Oh yes probably you will stop buying sabzi’s from the thela & start ordering them online as well. The thing which I feel should be done is to stop scoffing at ‘speaking Hindi’. We need to imbibe this in our upcoming generation, to respect all the languages equally. There is no ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’, there is no ‘Low class’ & ‘High class’ associated with any language. It’s just a medium of communication.

Hindi Matra Bhasha, should be as respectable to us as our National Emblem, National Anthem, National Flag, National Song, National Flower, etc. There should be no dispute over this.
With this note, I hope we as people try to inculcate this habit of appreciating Hindi, rather than seeing it as a scar.

Hindi Meri Jaan


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