Get your #basics right!

Long time, no see! Well, B-School knows how to keep you busy. Or maybe just rant about being busy! One thing that excites me the most about this place is the conversation I have with people around. I remember one such evening when we were goofing around and I happened to say- “Hey! We will be working together and in the evening I will be making pakoras (evening snack) for you all!” (Mind you, I’m an average cook).

My friend said- “Uhh! So you will be making pakoras after doing your MBA from DSE? Well, this is not expected of you!”

I said- “Why not? Working in a fancy MNC with a fancy title cannot take you away from the basics right?”

My friend- “Oh okay.”

Trust me the conversation that day got me into thinking that in this race of being the most successful one, aren’t we forgetting the very basics of our life? Being a girl myself, I realize the importance of cooking. Because I cannot rely on the street food or the restaurant food on a daily basis. I know some of you would scoff saying “hey we can earn enough to afford one”. Just to clear the air, it’s not about earning. And definitely not about cooking at your in-law’s house (i know most of you must have thought this at first place).

There is a flawed code in the society these days:

if (successful)

don’t cook;


you have no choice;

Pardon me for any syntax error. Because if you are handling kitchen or cooking, well that’s least expected from you. We fail to realize that the ladies who do not cook are not the ones proclaiming that they are doing this out of societal or rather elite class pressure but instead because they have enough work piled up for them. But when we see these ladies out of the kitchen we make a perception that being successful means being out of the kitchen. Don’t we?

Let’s get things into perspective. Being successful has got nothing to do with cooking or managing household chores. Most of our moms have a maid to the rescue and so can we. It’s a personal choice and it should stay that way. Also, stop demeaning ‘ghar k kaam’. I bet that many successful ladies are also running the errands without treating them as someone else job!

Last but not the least, I would conclude by saying that don’t forget the very essence of life in this mad sprint of getting fame and money. And definitely don’t get swayed away by such rush.


2 thoughts on “Get your #basics right!

  1. Invokes a deep , nice thought when I read it . I believe we should all get our basics right first and then move on to the complex code . Great work 👍.


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